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  • 01. How much is my project going to cost?
    Each house has unique conditions and requirements that affect pricing. There isn’t a one size fits all or a standardized pricing sheet that covers all bases for a construction project. Feel free to Contact Us to receive a detailed proposal tailored to meet your unique project needs. Sample proposal:
  • 02. Do you have a minimum project size?
    Construction management firms have operating expenses that need to be covered just like other established businesses. In order to cover these expenses, the smallest project size that we can do is $50,000.
  • 03. How long will my project take?
    The duration of the project will depend on the extent and how involved and complex the project is. The typical construction Process Flow has 2 major phases. Prior to commencing construction, your project will undergo a Planning Phase, which is normally when you and the design team will generate construction plans and define your finishes selections. Thereafter, city permits and orders are initiated. Once those are available, the Construction Phase begins. Assuming no major surprises, a mid size project such as a full master bathroom remodel could take from 1.5 to 2.5 months of construction time and a project such as a full kitchen could take from 2.5 to 4 months of construction time. Once we evaluate the existing condition of the house, the construction scope and requirements, we will provide a more accurate view of the construction duration. In addition, once the project commences, you will receive a Schedule Chart showing the anticipated full construction schedule by trade and task. On a weekly basis, you will receive an email with a progress report on your project. Sample Schedule:
  • 04. How do you operate during COVID-19?
    We follow CDC and OSHA's safety and sanitation guidelines. We use web-conferencing technology for virtual visits, consultations and team meetings. We fully contain the work area and/or use HEPA filtration air systems. We closely monitor the health of staff and subs. We use an online project portal and emails to communicate updates and decisions.
  • 05. Can I live in my house during the remodel or should I move out?
    You should definitely move out for full home remodels or renovations or for projects with major work in the areas of the house that you were planning to provisionally occupy. Some of our clients with less invasive projects choose to stay at home. It ultimately depends on the extent of the project and your tolerance to noise, smells and dust. In projects where there will be at least one functional bathroom available at all times, a provisional kitchen would be acceptable, the work area is distant from the living area and there isn’t an imminent safety hazard to the client, occupying the house would be feasible. In these cases, we will contain and limit access from clients, children and/or pets to the work area to reduce the exposure and dust propagation.
  • 06. Do I need an interior designer or an architect?
    We strongly recommend that you get a designer and/or architect involved in your project. Their role is vital in helping you visualize conceptual ideas in order to provide you reassurance about the proposed new layout and finishes. The cost of making changes to plans is much lower than making changes to what's constructed. Your understanding and the builder's could be completely off while you are both saying the same thing. Designers and architects are great explaining and presenting conceptual ideas. They are also well prepared to listen to different perspectives and formulate a design that will address each individual's requirements. Their construction plans and finishes schedules are a bridge to ensure that all stakeholders, including the construction team, are on the same page.
  • 07. I hear many horror stories about remodels. How are you guys different?
    If anyone tells you that your construction project will be flawless or that they have never had problems during their construction project, please watch out! That is a red flag and is either done by someone wanting to sell you something or ignorance. Please realize that in Texas you don't need a License to offer Contractor or Builder services. Anyone that could market themselves well, could literally start a Construction Services company tomorrow. We were founded by highly accredited Construction Engineers that in 2008 decided to become full time Construction Managers and General Contractors to serve the market need for professional construction services. We are a Construction Management Firm that is focused on providing SOLUTIONS that are not sales driven. The reality is that construction work and its components fabrication is for the most part performed or handled by manual labor. For this reason, the full industry is prone to have problems due to human errors. In addition, there's an extensive supply chain with many possible points of failure prior and during construction that could adversely affect the project. Often the Contractor is the one that finds the problem and not necessarily the one that caused it. A strong experienced management team with a deck of proven subcontractors and vendors, like the ones that we have, immensely decreases the risk but does not provide full immunity. When compared to other premier contractors, the big difference is that we thrive driving problem resolution. Please remember that that's what Engineers do best. If there's a problem during construction, we take charge in identifying reasonable solutions, presenting alternatives to you and resolving it.
  • 08. I often work remotely. How can I be sure that you guys are working on the project?
    We have a project portal where we will be providing weekly updates including a Schedule Chart with the latest schedule of all activities. In addition, you should expect weekly email updates about your project. It is also common for us to host virtual or video conference meetings where we can show you and discuss any particulars about your project.
  • 09. I don't want financial surprises at the end of the project. How do you mitigate that?
    We operate under a strict project management format. For this reason, any changes to the scope with possible financial implications, will be interlocked with you prior to execution. Alternatives about scope changes will be discussed with you. You will receive a change order that will show the scope changes and financial implications. You will be able to sign indicating your approval through the project portal. Thereafter, we will execute the changes to the scope. Following this process there should not be any surprises in the end. See a sample e-Approval below:
  • 10. How do you ensure project quality?
    Your project will be closely managed by our construction managers. Our construction managers have decades of experience in the industry. Our subcontractors and vendors are subject matter experts on their particular trade. Periodically our managers meet and give direction to subcontractors onsite, inspect your project, and identify any corrections needed. At certain stages of the project, there will be client walk-thrus to calibrate expectations. Ultimately, our goal is to reach the finish line in tandem with your acceptance of the final product.
  • 11. What type of warranty do you offer?
    For most remodels, we offer a 1 year craftsmanship warranty. For new construction projects, we have the option to purchase an extended warranty insurance that will cover you on many trades for up to 10 years.
  • 12. Is it safe for children and/or pets to be around the work area?
    Children and pets, such as dogs and cats, are highly susceptible to noise, vapors, chemicals and debris. They should not be allowed to access the construction area at any time. It's best to keep them in rooms as far away as possible from the construction area. The construction staff is not responsible for your children or pets, or keeping an eye on them. As part of our ongoing project updates, we will inform you of sensitive days, such as loud days in which we will be jackhammering or strong smell days in which we will be painting, so that you can determine if you would prefer to board your pet during those days or spend the day out of your home with your children.
  • 13. Should I talk with my HOA?
    Yes. HOAs have strict policies and bylaws that are important to consider during your project. Construction decisions often affected by HOAs include: selections affecting the exterior look of your property, acceptable placement for dumpsters and porta-potties, staging areas for materials, equipment, contractor vehicles and trailers, etc.
  • 14. Do you provide plans or shop drawings?
    Construction plans are typically provided by architects and/or interior designers. We will obtain shop drawings for your project. Shop drawings are produced by our drafters or vendors. A shop drawing is the fabricator's or the contractor's drawn version of information shown in the construction plans. It normally shows more detail than the construction plans. In the case of cabinetry, shop drawings are done to ensure proper fabrication and integration with electrical, plumbing and appliances components. Shop drawing example:
  • 15. I don't know where to get my tile, floors or fixtures. Can you help us with that?"
    While we recommend that you leverage an interior designer for your finishes selections, in the case that you decide to not have one, we will gladly refer you to some of our preferred vendors.
  • 16. I would like to use my plumber, electrician, or installer friend that I already know. Can I use them for a portion of the project?"
    We provide a craftsmanship warranty that is limited to work performed by our preferred subcontractors. These subcontractors prioritize our projects and have a proven track record of trust and quality. They have a clear understanding of our processes and expectations. For these reasons, it's not recommended.
  • 17. Would property damages be covered?
    We are fully insured. While we have never had to issue a claim for property damages, in the unlikely case that this happens, your property is covered.
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